Attorney Eric Wilson has helped hundreds of employees recover millions of dollars in
compensation for lost wages and emotional distress.

Attorney Wilson has helped employees recover millions in compensation.

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Lawyer Fighting Retaliation Against Injured Workers

If you were terminated shortly after you suffered an on-the-job injury, you may have the right to pursue legal claims against your former employer.

Attorney Eric Wilson has represented clients in workplace injury retaliation cases for over 15 years. Eric firmly believes that employers who fire employees already struggling to recover from their injuries should be held accountable to the maximum extent allowed by law.

Eric and his team at Oregon Employment Law in Portland will work to obtain justice on your behalf if your employer retaliated against you after you suffered a workplace injury – even if you did not file a workers’ compensation claim or your claim was denied.

Injured Workers are Protected from Retaliation in Oregon

In Oregon, it is unlawful for an employer to fire an employee in retaliation for an on-the-job injury. Call Eric Wilson at Oregon Employment Law for a free consultation with an experienced lawyer if any of the following facts apply to your situation:

  • You suffered a workplace injury and your employer talked you out of submitting a workers’ compensation claim.
  • You were injured on the job and then fired before you could file a workers’ compensation claim.
  • Your employer fired you for a false reason shortly after you filed for workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Your employer fired you while you were working on light duty
  • Your employer fired you shortly after your light-duty restrictions were lifted and you returned to work full duty.

Your workers’ compensation claim and injured worker retaliation claim are separate legal matters. If you were injured at work, Eric will direct you to the resources you need to navigate the workers’ compensation system while he takes aggressive action to hold your employer accountable for the lost wages and emotional distress damages to which you may be entitled because of your wrongful termination.

Talk to Attorney Eric Wilson Today

Eric Wilson is committed to fighting for workers throughout Oregon who are the subject of unlawful conduct by their employers. You can contact attorney Eric Wilson online or directly by calling his office in Portland at to schedule a free initial consultation regarding your workplace rights.

All cases at Oregon Employment Law are taken on a contingency fee basis, meaning you will not owe a penny for Eric’s legal work unless and until Eric recovers compensation for you.